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About me

Julie is the Director and owner of Pro-Wills.

Julie was born and raised in Cheshire but moved to Dereham, Norfolk 20 years ago. She studied Law at the University of Hull. After completing her degree, she attended the College of Law in Chester where she successfully completed the Legal Practice Course.

She has two children, now grown up, and after spending a few years as a stay at home mum she decided it was time to get back into the world of work.

Prior to starting her Estate Planning & Will Writing business Julie worked as a compliance Officer at a directly authorised mortgage and insurance brokers. A few years ago she decided to gain more qualifications and train to become a mortgage and insurance adviser.

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For the last 2 years Julie has volunteered her time to the Professional Standards Board at the Society of Will Writers and enjoys the challenge of working on the PSB to help raise standards across the Will Writing profession and to promote the aims of the Society to the public.

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Why make a will?

Currently 67% of the UK adult population don’t have a valid Will, yet making a Will is one of the most caring and responsible things you can do.

Most people haven’t got a Will because it is something they think they don’t need or they just haven’t got round to doing it yet. Most people, at sometime, consider making a Will but the thought often passes without any further action.


The pitfalls of not having a Will

  • If you die without having a Will there are certain rules which govern how your estate will be handed out. This may not reflect your wishes.

  • If you are unmarried but have a partner you cannot inherit from each other unless you have a Will in place and this may have serious financial implications.

  • If you don’t have a Will you may pay more Inheritance tax than you need to.

  • Your assets and possessions may not go to the people you really want them to.

  • Administrators will need to be appointed which will slow down the process of dealing with the estate.

Having a Will means you decide who benefits from your estate

  • If you are single you may want your estate to go to friends or charities as well as family.

  • If you are married don’t assume your partner will ‘automatically’ receive your estate, other factors come into play.

  • If you are a parent – who will look after your children? You need to ensure that you have an appointed guardian.

  • If you are retired your Will may be out of date and in need of refreshing. It may need to now include your grandchildren.

A valid will allows you to:

  • Guarantee who will receive your property and possessions – you can be sure that everything will go to the people you have chosen.

  • Have complete peace of mind- you can put your affairs in order and leave clear instructions to assist your loved ones that are left behind. You can also choose your executors and your guardians.

  • Reduce the stress and heartache after you have gone – the people you have left behind will know exactly what your wishes are and this may also include any details regarding funeral wishes.

Lasting Powers of Attorney, Funeral Plans & Probate Services

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document anyone can make. It allows a person to nominate people to oversee their finances and welfare. Dealing with money and welfare in old age or ill health can be worrying and sometimes impossible.

The simplest solution is to appoint another person to manage affairs on your behalf should you become unable to do so.

Arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney ensures your family and loved ones know how you would like them to act in the event of you losing mental capacity or physical ability to do so, perhaps as a result of old age, illness or an accident.

Take this senario:

James Smith’s life changed in a hundred ways when his elderly mother Daisy suffered a major stroke. Unable to walk or communicate, she needed full time care after leaving hospital. James was left not only with the problem of caring for her as best he could, but also managing her affairs.

James and Daisy had always assumed that he’d be able to look after her finances if she became unable to do so herself. Now, however, she was deemed to be mentally incapable and therefore a Lasting Power of Attorney could not be created.

James had to apply to the Office of the Public Guardian for the only alternative – appointment as a ‘Deputy’. The process was lengthy and time consuming, and meant that her money was untouchable for months, despite all the funds she needed for her care, transport, medical expenses and support. Eventually James was appointed Deputy for which he had to pay an application fee and on-going annual fees. After that, James had to suffer the indignity of regular checks to prove that he was looking after his mother appropriately.

James says ‘if only we had arranged a Lasting Power of Attorney when she was healthy. All this distress, expense and worry could have been avoided. Since this happened I’ve made sure I’m covered by a Lasting Power of Attorney so if the worst happens to me, no one else in my family will have to go through what Mum and I have endured’

Funeral Plans - Why Have one?

It is a chance to put your affairs in order and to protect your loved ones from the stress and expense of arranging a funeral. It allows you to freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, so you’re protected against inflation and rising funeral expenses.

Please contact Pro-Wills if you are interested in and would like to discuss pre-paid funeral plans

Probate Services

Please contact Pro-Wills if you are interested in and would like to discuss Probate Services

How we work

Arranging an appointment

If you decide that you would like to talk to us about making your Will we can agree a date, time and place for your appointment that is convenient for you.



At the meeting we will guide you through the important issues you need to be aware of while making your Will. This will include who to choose as an Executor, Trustees, Guardians and Beneficiaries. We will discuss with you all of your circumstances, outline your options and advise you on all issues and decisions you need to make while we collect the information we need to draft your Will.


The Will

Once we have all of the information required we will draft your Will and send you a copy to check and approve. Once you are happy with the content Pro-Wills will print a final copy of your Will and we can arrange to have it signed and witnessed correctly.

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