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What is Probate & Estate Administration?

Probate may be required when someone dies. The Grant of Probate (Letters of administration if there is no Will) is issued by the Probate Court. This grant gives the executor permission to administer the estate of the person who has died.

Estate administration is the process of dealing with the estate of the deceased. This involves the handling of all the deceased legal and tax affairs. So, this means dealing with their assets, debts and taxes before distributing any inheritance to the beneficiaries.

Who should be my executor?

You must carefully choose who is to be your executor since the executor is responsible for ensuring the estate of the deceased is correctly dealt with and the wishes of their Will followed. An executor can be personally liable for any mistakes that they make during the administration process. We can help you with your choice of executor any also give any executor already in the role help and guidance. Please contact us for any support you may need.

What are the benefits of using a Professional for probate and Estate Administration?

Expert guidance

Probate professionals provide expertise and guidance to ensure the correct legal procedures are followed.

Reduced burden

Executors and loved ones are relieved of the administrative and legal burden of handling the estate during a difficult time.


A professional approach ensures that the process is completed efficiently, avoiding delays and potential disputes.


Ensures compliance with legal and tax obligations, minimizing the risk of errors or penalties.

Peace of mind

Beneficiaries and heirs can have peace of mind knowing that the estate is being managed professionally and in accordance with the deceased's wishes.

How much does Probate & Estate Administration cost?

The cost of Probate & Estate Administration can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the estate and the services required. It may involve legal fees, court fees, and other associated expenses. Get in touch and we can help.
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